Child Sexual Abuse: Shine A Light And Let The Whole World See


Last month, a young man in my community was arrested on charges of child molestation.  Countless concerns were voiced following his arrest from parents, youth, and even his friends.  Time and time again I heard confusion about the charges.  “But we know him and trust him.” “He is so nice looking.” “He is such a good Christian.”  And then after the shock wore off, what normally happens with ... read more

5 Unconditional Love Tips 4 Kids

5 Unconditional Love Tips 4 Kids

Do your children ever misbehave? Bring home a bad grade?  Forget to clean their room? If your kids are anything like mine, I’m sure your answer is yes, yes, and yes!  All children behave poorly at one time or another and most do things their parents wish they wouldn’t, mine included. But despite their misbehavior, it’s critical that as parents we show our children that we love them no matter ... read more

Make It Seem Awesome

Make It Seem Awesome

Despite what you might guess, I don’t use reverse psychology to trick my kids into things too often.  Instead, one of my most favorite parenting tricks is what I call the ‘Make it seem awesome’ technique.  I’m pretty sure you won’t find it on Wikipedia, but if you think about it you’d probably have to admit that you utilize this little trick all the time at your house too! Here’s how it works.  ... read more

Small Town Stranger Danger


When I was a child, I was home alone after school one winter day waiting for my mom to get back from work.  There was a knock on the door and outside there was this nice looking lady standing on our front porch.  I didn’t open the door because my mom wasn’t home.  The lady said she was a friend of my family, but I refused to let her in because to me she was a stranger.  She sat in her car during a ... read more

Bullying: How Do I Save Myself?


Recently I answered this question online as a JustAsk Expert at  Having gone through this with clients and my own kids, I thought I’d share my response with my readers here as well. The Question:  How do I save myself from this?  I get bullied constantly.  Other kids call me names and threaten me if I don't do their homework.  What can I do? The Answer:  Bullying is a very common ... read more