Bullying: How Do I Save Myself?

Recently I answered this question online as a JustAsk Expert at Education.com.  Having gone through this with clients and my own kids, I thought I’d share my response with my readers here as well.

The Question:  How do I save myself from this?  I get bullied constantly.  Other kids call me names and threaten me if I don’t do their homework.  What can I do?

The Answer:  Bullying is a very common problem, and I am so sorry that you are being hurt in this way by your peers.  Bullies can make you feel helpless and alone, but you are NOT alone.

It’s hard to stop bullying on your own, you need the support of an adult who knows what to do.  Whatever you do, don’t try to solve this problem on your own.  There are people all around you who can and WILL help you, so tell an adult that you trust about the name calling, threats, and bullying.

Your parents, a teacher, your principal, or a school counselor are there to help you. Tell them about everything that you have written here so that they can best keep you safe from threats and stop this bullying immediately.

I’m attaching several websites all about what to do when you are being victimized and threatened by a bully.  I hope you look at them to get support for what to do to deal with this, encouragement to talk to a trusted adult in your life, and realization that you are not alone!

If you feel like you need to talk to someone on the phone about what is going on, you can call Childhelp at 1-800-422-4453.  They have counselors available to talk to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you figure out how to stop an abusive situation.

You have done the right thing by reaching out online for help.  Keep that going and tell a trusted adult in your life so that they can help you stay safe and end this terrible situation.


StopBullying.gov – How Do I Get Help?

ReachOut.com – What To Do If You Are Being Bullied

Education.com – Bullying At School And Online

Bullying can increase your risk for suicide.  For help you can call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK(8255) or contact a psychologist in your community.

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