Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Books For Kids

Child Sexual Abuse Books For Kids

Talking with your kids about sexual abuse is tough.  I know, I've been there.  Despite knowing what I want to say to my kids, sometimes when I'm in the moment talking about this difficult topic even I am at a loss for words!  But I know if I want to prevent child sexual abuse, I need to actively educate my children on how to stay safe.  Although I firmly believe that protecting children is the ... read more

13 Crafts For Your Teen Girl

Crayon Art

Last week my oldest daughter turned 13.  That’s right, 13!  She’s the craftiest girl I know and is always involved in some Do-It-Yourself project or another.  She didn’t get that gene from me, and as a result I am constantly amazed with her creations!  In honor of her 13th birthday, I asked her to pick her 13 favorite projects to share with all of you.  These crafts are perfect for any teen girl.  ... read more

Does My Child Need Therapy?

I think my child needs therapy.  Do you think my child needs therapy?  How do I know if my child needs therapy? Maybe I need therapy!  HELP! Does that sound familiar?  These are the types of concerns and questions that I hear from parents every single day.  At some point or another, most of us have been there, me included!  Wondering if we could improve our children’s lives or tackle a few of ... read more

There But For The Grace Of God Go I: The Colorado Massacre


Friday morning I woke up like most of you to the news that a gunman had opened fire on a sold out movie theater at the midnight premiere of the latest Batman movie in Colorado.  12 dead.  More than 50 injured.  Another act of senseless violence committed in America. The youngest killed was 6 and there was a baby injured.  There were children in the theater in what was expected to be a fun filled ... read more

Tough Questions For Caregivers About Child Sexual Abuse

Child At Daycare

Finding the right caregiver for your child is a parenting decision not to be taken lightly.  In our society, caregivers can include hired sitters, family members, neighbors, churches, schools, daycares, camps, tutors, coaches, you name it.  The list goes on and on!  When you choose to leave your child in the care of others, it’s important to know that those individuals and organizations are just ... read more