Keeping Your Kids Safe on Facebook

Mother on Daughter on Computer

Facebook is the most utilized social networking site world wide with more than 845 million users. The magic age for kids to be considered Facebook legal is 13. But of Facebook’s current users, an estimated 7.5 million are actually under the age of 13. Now more than ever parents need to arm themselves with information about how to keep their children safe on social media sites like Facebook that ... read more

Talking To Your Kids About Suicide


Recently I’ve had to talk to my children about a topic no parent wants to discuss with their kids.  Suicide.  As a psychologist, I have a clinical understanding of suicide, but as a parent I know it’s hard to explain to your children why someone would try to take their own life. I have struggled with finding the right words myself, especially with a tragedy of such magnitude.  Since I wrestle ... read more

‘Words With Friends’ 4 Kids


A few weeks ago, my 14 year old son asked me where the dictionary was.  The dictionary?  What on earth did he need with a dictionary!  Normally he uses the computer to look up words, but he needed the actual book.  Like we used when I was in school, back before computers! Curious, I got him the dictionary and watched.  Within a few minutes he was looking up words.  Then I had to know what he was ... read more

Let’s Talk About Sexual Abuse . . .


If you’ve followed the news over the past few months, like me you’ve seen cases of child sexual abuse being reported at an alarming rate. Studies have shown that approximately 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused by the time they are eighteen.  And sadly, the abuser is known and trusted by the child and their family in 90% of the cases. While these statistics are sobering, as a ... read more

How To Help Someone Who Cuts


Last week I answered a question on as a JustAsk expert that really hurt my heart.  The question was posted by a teenager who has been cutting themselves as a way to cope with their bad memories.  I've shortened the question a little (you can read the whole question here), but have included enough of it for you to get the gist of the seriousness of the issue. I wanted to include it ... read more