Overwhelmed? Join The Club!

Have you ever wondered about the secrets that other moms were keeping?  Thought, does this mom really have it as together as it seems?  Questioned whether or not the way this mom acts in public is really the way she acts in the privacy of her own home?  I know I have!

Recently Parenting.com and Today.com released the results of their 26,000 mom strong survey revealing the hidden secrets that moms kept.  What moms were most unwilling to let others know about them and their parenting.  The number one secret that moms shared surprised me.  It was the secret of feeling “overwhelmed.”

Don’t get me wrong, I feel overwhelmed MANY days.  More often than not in fact.  Parenting is hard work and sometimes I feel accomplished just to have survived the day!  What surprised me about the results was that moms in this survey believed that feeling overwhelmed needed to be kept a secret.  To appear perfectly together and accomplished on the outside, but be completely falling apart on the inside.

Moms who feel like it’s all too much don’t have to carry that burden alone.  It’s not healthy for the mom, the kids, or the family to keep it a secret.  If you struggle with feeling overwhelmed the best thing you can do to help yourself is to tell someone.  Share your feelings with your husband, a friend, or a family member.  Ask for help if you need it.  And remember that you are not alone.  More moms than you realize feel exactly like you do, me included.  It’s okay to feel overwhelmed as a mom, join the club!

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  1. jilly says

    as a single mother of 3 kids between 9 & 16 i’m constantly overwhelmed my youngest is always fighting for attention & as a result can be very difficult he soils regularly & never sleeps before 11 pm no matter how early i put him “to bed”
    my eldest is very controlling & is currently refusing help for an eating disorder or her ocd, she has just started her a levels. my middle one is very quiet until on her own. due to her sisters sharp tongue & drive (making her an a* student) she feels stupid much of the time.
    whilst trying to keep my head above water i’m also trying to finish my 2nd year at uni work & have time for myself as well….i have help in terms of a monthly meet with a family support officer who offers coffee & a “your doing really well”
    i find talking only works for so long as people get fed up of listening eventually

    • Polly says

      I understand what you’re saying about how “talking only works for so long as people get fed up of listening eventually.” While it’s good for us to open up to our friends and family when we need help, sometimes it just doesn’t seem like enough (or it seems like too much to share with your relatives and friends). Many moms visit with a therapist or counselor once a week just to talk about their feelings and struggles as a mom. Or visit with a spiritual leader in your community to find out about resources that might be available to you through your local house of worship. Thanks for sharing and best of luck on your parenting journey!


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