Fall Parenting Workshops

This fall I’m offering small group parenting workshops for the Auburn-Opelika community at Transformations Life Center.  Transformations offers a perfect setting for groups of people and professional facilitators to come together and support, educate, and help one another through life’s challenges in a relaxed and casual environment.

Each workshop costs $50 and lasts for two hours, but if you mention my blog you’ll get $10 off your first workshop with me.  You will need to pre-register by calling Transformations at (334)705-0071.  You can also stop by Monday through Friday between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm to register for a workshop or shop in the gift store.

Check out my fall 2011 workshops listed below:

Does My Child Have ADHD? 

Do you suspect your child might have ADHD? Before heading off to the doctor for a prescription for medicine or the psychologist for a comprehensive evaluation, try this two hour workshop for all you need to know to make the best assessment and treatment plans for your child.  You won’t leave the workshop knowing if your child does or does not have ADHD, but you will be equipped with the knowledge of exactly what you need to do to find out for sure.

Managing Your Family’s Technology Habit

Does your family spend more time communicating online than with each other?  Is your television or cell phone constantly getting in the way of quality family time?  Then this workshop is for you!  In two hours you’ll learn the skills you need to decrease your family’s technology use to a reasonable level and increase the quality time that you have to share with each other.

Parenting a Child With ADHD 

Do you have a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD?  In this workshop you’ll get insight about the disorder, learn how to be an advocate for your child’s treatment, and gain skills for how to manage your child’s behavior at home and on the go.

Reducing Parental Stress

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and stressed as a parent, then this workshop is for you.  In two hours, you’ll learn the skills you need to reduce stress in your life and transform yourself into the calm and relaxed parent that you want to be.

Improving Your Child’s Behavior

In this two hour workshop, you’ll learn the skills you need to improve the behavior of your preschool to school age child at home and on the go.  Techniques including ignoring, attending, rewarding, and time-out will be covered and you’ll learn how to issue commands that your child will actually follow.  If you’ve ever struggled with controlling your child’s behavior, then this is one workshop that you won’t want to miss.

Managing Holiday Stress

Are you so stressed during the holidays that you can’t seem to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year?  This two hour workshop will teach you the skills you need to stress less and enjoy more this holiday season.  We’ll cover how to get organized, set a budget, learn to keep expectations realistic, and how to enlist help.  You’ll also learn the art of saying no, and parents will get tips on managing holiday stress in kids.

If you’re interested in one of these workshops for your next group or organization meeting, contact me for more information.


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