Why I Love “My Job Chart”

Getting kids to help with chores is a problem parents have been struggling with for ages! In my house, we go through spells of the kids all pitching in to do their fair share to times where we feel like we are begging them to lift a finger. Not what I had in mind, that’s for sure!

In recent years, the one thing that has worked most consistently for us is My Job Chart. It’s a free online program where you get to set up your child’s daily chores AND their rewards. Even personal hygiene can be included as a chore that earns your child rewards. Plus, you get to pick the rewards your child gets AND how many points they have to have to earn a reward.

My kids love it (from my kindergartener to my teenager) because it’s on the computer and more fun than the plain old paper and pencil charts we’ve used in the past. We are not a weekly allowance type of family.  Instead, we’re trying to instill in our kids early that if you want to earn money then you have to work for it. This program has helped us do just that in an easy parent (and kid) friendly way.  If you decide to give it a try, I’d love to hear how it works for you!


  1. says

    This is great. Thanks for the link. We have a magnet board chore chart which works fairly well because my son can see things quickly and remove magnets as he completes his chores, but he will be super excited by something on the computer. We have a minimum allowance in our house, but he is expected to complete all the chores to get it. Any additional things he does around the house earns him extra money. Some weeks he is all about going the extra mile, others he just does the bare minimum.

    here from 31 DBB and would love to have you guest post on my site sometime.

    • Polly says

      Sounds like you’ve got a great system that works for your little one. I love the magnet charts, too. We used one for our oldest child when he was younger, but we ran into a problem once we had more kids. Not enough magnets on the chart for all of them! LOL! But I did love its east of use. Thanks for stopping by and commenting from 31DBBB! It has been great!

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