My Multitasking Mom

Today I have a guest writer, my eleven year old  daughter.  She wrote this post about me, her multitasking mom, and I loved it so much I asked her if she would let me put it on my blog.  Of course she said yes!  Her writing style reminds me a lot of mine.  Maybe she has future in blogging, too!

Have you ever seen a multitasking mom?  Well my mom is exactly that.  She loves to do lots of things.  One of those things is being crazy like a person on a sugar rush.

At six feet tall she towers a foot above me.  Her leather brown hair is enjoyable to play with.  Her eyes are as brown as chocolate when she smiles her snow white smile.  Her arms are long and skinny, but she still hugs me tight.  She loves to click her fingernails together, but it drives me nuts!  Her long legs are good at lots of things, like running, doing zumba, and working out.  She is always painting her toenails a dark pink and as soon as the paint chips the pink is back on.

She is so absurd.  Once she put a pony tail on the top of her head and walked around with it all day, and she didn’t go outside.  Another time my mom just randomly did a dance out of nowhere.  A few days ago I sent her a text, and she texted back “Hey LOL,” and she was right next to me.  That’s why my mom is so absurd.

My mom has a lot of hobbies, but my favorite hobby she does is painting.  She goes to a painting class, and one time she took me.  Her paintings are hung all over the house, and it looks like a real artist painted them.

That is my mom for you, and I bet if you ever meet her you would be fast friends.


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