My Day Job

Since 1999, I have served as the Director of the Auburn University Psychological Services Center (AUPSC).  AUPSC is a psychology training clinic that has been provided by the Department of Psychology at Auburn University in the College of Liberal Arts for more than 35 years.

At AUPSC, graduate students who are pursuing their Ph.D. in clinical psychology provide individual and group therapy and psychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults. Services are provided under the supervision of licensed clinical psychologists, who are faculty members in the Department of Psychology.  As a training clinic, AUPSC is able to offer therapy and assessments at a markedly reduced cost allowing community members access to services they might not normally be able to afford.

Recently I was interviewed by the College of Liberal Arts for their monthly online magazine, Tiger Tales, about the services provided by AUPSC.  Since many of you have asked me about my day job (i.e., what I do when I’m not being a wife, mom, and blogger), I thought I’d share my interview responses with you here.  Just click to visit Tiger Tales.  Enjoy!

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