It’s Great To Be An Auburn Tiger

I was so fortunate to be able to go to Glendale, Arizona to see Auburn win the BCS National Championship.  It was a dream trip, and one that I will never forget.  During my four days in Arizona, it was hard not to be reminded of the many reasons I’m proud to be a member of the Auburn family.  Here are just a few (well, maybe more than a few):

  • We’re hard to miss!  I saw more orange and blue in Arizona than I can even put into words. It was everywhere.  We were everywhere!  Orange and blue shirts, pants, jackets, scarves, belts, hats, boots, dresses, earrings, necklaces . . . you get the point.  All of the Auburn rental cars were even decked out, with flags, magnets, tiger tails, and pom-poms.  There was no mistaking an Auburn fan in Arizona.  It was like a gigantic family reunion with an orange and blue dress code.  Unbelievable!
  • Auburn fans are a friendly bunch. Even when we travel, you see Auburn fans extending the same southern courtesy that they would at home. To each other, to the fans of the opposing team, to exhausted flight attendants, really to anyone they meet!  Even with travel delays and ticket fiascoes, I always heard people complimenting the kindness of the Auburn family.
  • The two words that you heard more than any other amongst Auburn fans were “War Eagle!”  Over the past four days, I gave and received “War Eagle” greetings in airports, Targets (yes, I went to two!), restaurants, hotels, parking lots, buses, even at the Grand Canyon!  But by far the best were the ones that were exchanged after the game Monday night. Never had “War Eagle” sounded so sweet.
  • When we have a pep rally, we show up! There were so many Auburn fans at the Sunday pep rally that they had to stop letting people in because it was a fire hazard.  Literally thousands.  What a turnout!  The Auburn family shows time and time again that they are truly “All In!”
  • Auburn fans are going to have a Tiger Walk, official or not! Thousands of us lined up to cheer our players on their buses entering the stadium. Even though there was no official Tiger Walk, through word of mouth, Facebook, and Twitter, we figured out where to go and when to support our team.
  • We like an eagle to fly before our games! At home in Jordan-Hare Stadium our eagle Nova (aka, War Eagle VII) flies before the game, but Nova wasn’t scheduled to make the trip. So, Auburn fans adopted the eagle Challenger who had already planned to be making an appearance as a symbol of our great nation. What a roar from the Auburn faithful when Challenger took flight!
  • It takes a team to win a football game, especially the BCS National Championship Game against an impressive Oregon team.  We have a number of exceptional players on our team, but this win was a team effort.  We witnessed the effort of every coach and player, and we as an Auburn family couldn’t be more proud.
  • When we win, all we need is some toilet paper and we’ll roll anything! When they showed a live shot of Toomer’s Corner being rolled after the game (in the cold and ice, no less), the Auburn crowd in Glendale went wild.  It was so exciting for those of us in Arizona to see all of our friends and family back home at our favorite place to celebrate after a win.  On our way back to our cars and buses, Auburn fans in Arizona were rolling cacti or whatever else we could find!  But nothing compares to Toomer’s Corner.
  • Our players and our coaches give all the glory of this incredible season to God. Time and time again, when asked how they were able to pull off another win, they credited God with the victory.  Truly a blessing for the Auburn family to witness.

And last but not least . . .

  • We are the 2010 BCS National Champions.

War Eagle!


  1. Marjie says

    Yes, I loved seeing Auburn win – the fifth SEC team to win
    the BCS in 5 years! After the greatest BCS game of all – Texas
    Longhorns vs. USC! War Eagle, indeed!

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