Focused Moms Wordless Wednesday

No day for me would be truly wordless, but I’ll try to keep this one brief since it’s a Wordless Wednesday post!  On Tuesday, I was having a tough time making it through day two of the Focused Moms Challenge Week Two (UNPLUG!).  I had cut out all talking on the phone AND computer use from the time my children got home from school until the time they went to sleep.  I was having withdrawals.  So, I got the kids together, and we went to visit some friends.

While my friend and I were catching up inside (i.e., finally a grown up conversation!), our little ones were drawing outside with chalk.  When they were done, they proudly showed us the picture they drew of us, their moms.  I’m on the left and my friend is on the right.  In real life, I’m the tall one.  And I don’t normally wear a hair bow.  And my friend, although she does have bunny slippers, does not have pink hair.  But I digress.

In our hands the kids informed us that we’re holding our cell phones.  And we’re texting.  And there’s a door between us.  Nothing like having it drawn out for you in chalk by your six year old to get you motivated to finish the Focused Moms Challenge!


    • Polly says

      Thanks for stopping by! It’s hard to unplug once you’ve gotten addicted. I can tell you from experience! Sounds like you’re on the right track. Keep up the good work!

  1. Robin says

    Soon your kids will be drawing pictures of you walking next to them without an electronic device in sight!! Keep up the good work Polly.

  2. Angie White says

    I can say that I am trying and failing quite miserably! But, I will pick myself back up and try again tomorrow! I love the drawing! You have beautiful artists!]

    • Polly says

      Remember – Two steps forward and one step back is still progress! Keep trying. Yes, my artist is very impressed that her portrait of her mom made it on the internet. Now she thinks she is seriously famous! LOL!


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