Coping With Postpartum Depression

The January edition of the Auburn-Opelika Parents magazine is out, and this month I tackle the issue of postpartum depression in my monthly Parenting on the Plains column.  Unfortunately, postpartum depression is a topic most women don’t like to talk about.  However, in the weeks and months following childbirth up to 80% of women experience the baby blues.  For most, this sadness goes away over time, but for some it develops into the more serious condition of postpartum depression.  In my article, “Coping with Postpartum Depression,” I discuss several ways to help yourself or a loved one who might be experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression.  Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to talk about this important issue.  That’s always the first and most important step in getting help.


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    A lot of women are experiencing postpartum depression however only a few recognize that they are having one. These symptoms that you have shared are very helpful so that the families of these women can take appropriate measures. Thanks for sharing.


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