Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Books For Kids

Talking with your kids about sexual abuse is tough.  I know, I’ve been there.  Despite knowing what I want to say to my kids, sometimes when I’m in the moment talking about this difficult topic even I am at a loss for words!  But I know if I want to prevent child sexual abuse, I need to actively educate my children on how to stay safe.  Although I firmly believe that protecting children is the responsibility of adults, kids still need to know how to respond if someone does touch them inappropriately.

Earlier this year I wrote a post about how to talk to your kids about sexual abuse, and I forgot to include one very helpful conversation starter.  Books!  As a child psychologist and a mom, I use books all the time to get kids talking.  It’s amazing how much easier it is for children (and adults) to open up with the help of an engaging story.  With that in mind, I wanted to share a few of my favorite books for kids on the topic of child sexual abuse.  I hope these will be as helpful to your family as they have been to mine:

  • U Touch I Tell.  This new release is a precious story that is fun and empowering.  That’s right, FUN!  It’s true.  Even books on child sexual abuse can be entertaining for kids.  In the story a teacher is talking to her class about the importance of telling an adult if anyone touches them inappropriately.  It’s simply described as the part of the body that’s covered by a bathing suit.  The class is then rewarded for learning about ‘U Touch I Tell’ and goes to a theme park where the concept is reinforced.  When this book arrived at my house earlier this week, my 8 year old daughter read it immediately.  She loved it and we were able to have a very easy teaching moment with NO AWKWARDNESS!  True story!  My 4 year old will also be able to follow this book, and will probably be walking around the house repetitively chanting ‘U Touch I Tell’ by the end of the weekend!  I’m honored to have written the forward to this book and hope you’ll find the ‘U Touch I Tell’ message as helpful as I have.
  • I Said No.  This ‘kid-to-kid guide to keeping private parts private’ is full of useful information for parents and kids.  It uses ‘red flags’ and ‘green flags’ to get the message across that some touches and situations are dangerous (‘red flags’) and others are a sign of smooth sailing (‘green flag’).  There are lots of examples that teach kids to trust themselves and know that when something doesn’t feel right that it probably isn’t.  Tell a trusted adult if someone touches you inappropriately is repeatedly reinforced, and children are even instructed on how to call 911 in the event of serious danger.  Also included are helpful instructions about how to handle inappropriate touches from other children.  At the end of the book there’s a spot for kids to draw ‘green or red flag people’ and ‘what if’ scenarios.  A definite go to book for talking with your kids about sexual abuse.
  • Fred the Fox Shouts “NO!”  Another easy to follow story about a fox named Fred and his family.  What I love about this book is that it tackles the issue of sexual abuse perpetrated by someone a child knows and trusts.  Since 90% of child sexual crimes are perpetrated by those known to the family, this book opens the door to some important conversations we should all be having with our own children.  The repetitive description of shouting no, along with encouragement to say it even LOUDER, really helps kids understand what to do if they are touched inappropriately.  A book you’ll really be glad you shared with your kids.

Do you have any books written for kids about child sexual abuse that you’d like to share?  Have you ever read a book like this to your children?  How did they respond?  We’d love to hear from you to keep this important conversation going.

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  1. says

    I’m conducting a child sexual abuse prevention workshop for (8-13 year old) tween girls; I have gotten some backlash from parents who feel their daughters are too young for this type of discussion. I personally feel that this should be a topic for discussion in even younger children, but what is the best way to persuade the parents of the importance?

  2. Nancy says

    I got the book “My Body Belongs to Me” with Jill Starishevski for my 2 year old. I speak French to her so I translated the story for her and she LOVES this book. She often talks about her private part and how “so and so” cannot touch…and says NNNOOOO…it’s MY body!

    I love it because I think the more we openly talk about it the less likely she would “freeze” should someone try to touch her inappropriately.

    My daughter’s body is a subject she is always interested in talking about. I plan on getting many different recommended books and have LOTS of fun read and play with this subject. I will do everything I can to protect her and prevent.

  3. Isha says

    i have been molested by my father for more than 6 yrs. He took away the only thing i owned and got me pregnant on two occasions. i was afraid to tell anyone because of the shame that it carried. When i did i was blamed and told that it was what i wanted. i became disgusted of myself and started to have sex with other ppl just to get the thought of my father on top of me out my mind but of course that never made me feel any better. i tried killing myself many times but it never worked. Now i am 20 and living on my own my life is much better now but i still can’t deal with my past. i have so much anger pouring out trying to write this. Sometimes i wish i get amnesia so all the pain i have inside would go away. Councilling never helpeed me. WHAT DO I DO?

  4. says

    Over the years I have had many of my friends tell me of their experiences of being molested by a close member of the family. Even though each story was unique to each person, a common thread of what happened remains the same. An adult gain their trust one day and then destroyed it another day for their own selfish desires that shattered the child for that moment. Through my own anguish in hearing these stories I wrote a book to help all those who read it. I hope it will help those who have not experience this pain, to never let it happen by being educated. And by helping those who have gone through this ordeal, that there is help and that they will get through it with others holding their hands. May we all band together to protect the innocent. The book is bilingual, written in English/Spanish (The Little Girl Who Hated the Bad Touch/La Pequeña niña que detestaba al tocar mal). I hope this is one step in stopping the madness!!

  5. Teresa says

    So back in 2009 , my ex and i where attending a marriage class at church.My mother and younger brother who at the time was 14 my daughters being 4 and 1 where watching our kids. When we arrived home, my daughter walked up to her uncle and garbed him down there and said uncle bla put his private on my private. I was so lost and confused, happy that my daughter told me,but question if it did happen.i never questioned her but my brother who denied it. We talked to her doc and he said she was not penetrated nor was our youngest. Then my sister tells us her daughter said the same thing. Well I went to the police and filled a ppo. He admitted to it. I am still hurt and mad till this day. I have yet to really talk to my daughter about it. She is in counseling once a week.But here lately she has seen her uncle and acts as though nothing happened. As her mom i don’t know what to think about it. She says she loves him and wants to see him. Its been 4 yrs almost. But my job is to protect her. what would you say or do? Please I don’t want her growing up and hating me or hating me thinking i made her see him??

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