Social Media Etiquette For Parents


Instagram.  Pinterest.  Twitter.  Facebook.  Snapchat.  These days it seems that as soon as you learn the ins and outs of one social media site another one gets introduced as the latest and greatest way for your teens to stay connected with their friends.  As overwhelming as it seems, parents of teenagers need to be involved in social media.  Just as we stay up to speed on our kids grades, ... read more

School Shootings: The Sad Reality of Mental Health Care For Children


People everywhere are searching for answers.  Looking for a reason that this massacre occurred.  Guns.  No prayer in school.  Video games.  Violence in the media.  Mental illness.  You name it.  When something terrible happens, it is our natural societal response to search for a cause.  We can’t help ourselves.  It’s a defense mechanism of sorts, used as we try to come to terms with such an ... read more

School Shootings: Your Follow Up Questions Answered


Yesterday was one of the saddest days in our nation’s history.  As we wake up today we’re still left with so many unanswered questions.  And heartache.  My heart truly hurts as a mom.  I can’t imagine, I don’t want to imagine, what these families are going through. I wrote the post School Shootings: How To Talk With Your Kids About Unthinkable Tragedy shortly after I learned about the massacre at ... read more

School Shootings: How To Talk With Kids About Unthinkable Tragedy


This morning I was Christmas shopping.  Trying to check some things off my ever growing list.  A normal December day.  This afternoon, I’m hugging my kids tightly as they get home from school.  I’m in shock.  Speechless.  Unsure how I’m going to explain to them that a gunman opened fire on a classroom full of kindergarten children leaving 27 dead. Sadly it seems that these tragedies are happening ... read more

Instagram Safety Tips For Parents


Back when I first started writing about kids and social media, there were two primary players.  Facebook and Twitter.   But guess what parents?  Times have changed.  Enter the latest and greatest social media phenomenon.   Instagram.  If you’re one of the many parents who have been bamboozled by your kid into thinking that Instagram was only a photo editing app, then I’ve got news for you.  It’s ... read more