Embrace The Perfectly Imperfect

I know I’m not perfect, and I’m often the first to admit it.  But just because I’m willing to admit imperfection, doesn’t mean that I don’t fall into the trap of wishing I could achieve it in my day to day life.

Surely I’m not alone here.  We’re bombarded with models of perfect parents in magazines, on tv, and online.  On Facebook we only post about the great things that go on, not the actual day to day behind the scenes difficulties that we all face.  Add Pinterest to the mix and we might as well give up on ever being able to throw a birthday party or decorate a house to satisfaction.

That’s a snippet from a recent post I wrote entitled “Embrace The Perfectly Imperfect” for the blog LessThanPerfectParents.com.

The day after that post was published, our family went to an Auburn baseball game.  We lasted about three innings (maybe two) before my husband and I were about ready to throw in the towel and leave.  Our four usually well behaved kids were acting like we had never let them out of the house.  No home training whatsoever!

Since I could tell we weren’t even going to make it through the seventh inning stretch, I decided to try to take a picture of them to mark what might likely be the last baseball game I planned on attending with all of them for a LONG time.  I took about twenty shots and this one was the best.  Look how cute and happy they are!  NOT!

In actuality I had to bribe my four year old to smile by offering her a “prize.”  Little did I know that to her “prize” meant a $5 dippin dots and to me it meant a free baseball pennant.  When I didn’t whip out the cash for the ice cream all h*ll broke loose at Plainsman Park.  My hubby ended up carrying her out of the stands over his shoulder.  No dippin dots.  No pennant.  And then, to top it off, she cried the whole way home for her “flaggy.”  Really.

But as soon as I got home I did what all good moms do and posted this amazingly perfect picture on Facebook.  Did I mention the fit throwing?  The crying?  The 19 pictures I took before this one that turned out terribly?  Of course not!  On Facebook we post the good stuff.  The perfect shots.  The happy family.  But that’s not always what’s going on behind the scenes.  Real life is happening behind the scenes.  Fit throwing and all.  As moms we’d all be better off (me included) embracing the perfectly imperfect, instead of thinking that perfect is the only option.

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