Ode to the Paci-Fairy

Pacifiers in line

One of my daughters loved using a pacifier. When I say loved, I mean a deep true love that seemed like it would never end.  This mom was no match for that type of affection! But, I knew that she would have to give it up eventually, no matter how much she loved it! I made all of the usual efforts to get her to give up her pacifier, even consulting with her pediatrician and dentist, but nothing ... read more

Holiday Stress Busters

Christmas gift and baubles on defocused lights background

I know it’s only November, but at our house the moment we put away the Halloween decorations, we jump right in to the excitement and wonder of the holiday season.  We decorate.  We shop.  We worship.  We travel.  We gather.  We eat.  We celebrate.  We stress.  Wait a minute, did I just say stress?  I certainly did! In addition to increased feelings of happiness, love, and connection, the holidays ... read more

Top Ten Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Online


If your tweens and teens are anything like mine, then they know the ins and outs of the computer better than most adults I know!  Because of that, we as parents have to be extra diligent about protecting our children in their online activities.  Here are my top ten tips for safeguarding your children on the internet: 1.       It’s no longer acceptable for parents not to understand the internet.  ... read more

For the Love of Autism


I have a precious nine year old friend who has autism.  He and his family are so dear to me.  I have known them since he was two and can vividly remember sitting around the kitchen table with his parents when they received the phone call from their psychologist telling them that their son was being diagnosed with autism.  What a life changing day that was for them and for me, and one that I’m sure ... read more

Tricks to Teaching Social Skills this Halloween


Not only is Halloween a night full of tricks and treats, but it’s also a great time to encourage social skills development in our kids.  Some kids are naturals when it comes to interacting with others, but others need our help and guidance in getting them off to the right start. Preschoolers and kids with Autism, Asperger’s Disorder, and other Developmental Disabilities are especially prone to ... read more