Sibling Gift Giving 101

sibling gift giving

When my kids were younger (and there were only two of them), we had a sibling holiday shopping tradition at the dollar store.  I would take them to the mall and with their own money they would pick out something for their brother or sister.  They would wrap it up and give it to them on Christmas morning.  It was important to me that they learned about giving to others at Christmas from an ... read more

I’m Not Ready for Christmas


I heard that question the first time this year on the day after Thanksgiving.  What question you ask? Oh, you know the one. The one people greet you with whenever they see you during the month of December.  Yep, that’s the one . . . “Are you ready for Christmas?” This year I’m taking a stand and just saying NO.  I’m not ready for Christmas, and I’m okay with that.  Nowhere is it written in the ... read more

Parenting on the Plains

Auburn-Opelika Parents

I’m excited to announce the launch of my new column, Parenting on the Plains, in the Auburn-Opelika Parents magazine.  This magazine, which is regarded as Lee County’s foremost parenting source, is one of my favorites to read each month.  It has lots of great articles on parenting, but also includes community resources, news from our local schools, and area events.  For busy parents like me, it’s ... read more

Top Ten Reasons We Pick Disney


I can say with certainty, that our favorite place to vacation as a family is Walt Disney World.  It’s no secret to any of our friends or family that we like to at least make one trip a year to Orlando to take in all Disney has to offer.  Don’t get me wrong, we travel to other places as well, but Disney World always tops our list!  We have been to the parks so many times that we don’t even use a ... read more

A Time for Thanks


Last week I did something I hope I will never have to do again. I went to the funeral of a young boy who was killed suddenly in an accident. I saw the grief and despair of his family and friends as they tried to comprehend this unimaginable tragedy.  I couldn't help but come home with a heavy heart and the timeless message that life is too short. In my effort to honor the memory of this precious ... read more